How to keep the Spirit ALIVE


This is the most crucial moment in my life.

The moment where the spirit starts to drop.

The moment where myself starts to look at other things. Busy myself.

Truly, I hate this moment. This moment will make all my effort useless, wasting time and ends eventually. I hate that.

What should I do, to always keep the spirit alive?




I had my emergency leave today. I was bored and got no passion in working. I got no momentum to continue my current job. Argh, is that sound serious?

I am planning to buy a house, get a new car and expand my current business. Are those all need loans to have the capital money?

No. I actually need cash money. But, I need to work hard and focus in dping job.

How to be focus in my job, without the passion to do it?

Is it exceptional?



Angry always create ego. The ego which may lead to a fight in ourselves.

A serious fight.

The fight could have not burst out until it blames others. It also shouldn’t hurt others’ feeling.

But, that’s exactly happened when we are angry. We always want to shoot everybody around us. No matter who they are and what they do. When we angry, we always think that we are the one that correct and the fault must be put to any others’ shoulder.

Sigh. I hate to be angry and people whom always like to be angry.

Love is in the Air


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I went to the airport today. Fetching my beloved one, with heart full of love and joy.

Arriving at the arrival area, the waiting minute was not a nice moment. The time walking seems so slow, almost crawling.

ETA was night, hence the dark sky was very obvious. I could not see any, except the stars and very bright plane lights. So glaring, making my eyes almost shut. Blind.

From afar, I can see his shadow walking towards me. His steps are a bit running, with small distance steps. I’m just smiling.

He at last, arrived at the door of waiting area. I love him so much.

Meeting Old Friends



How fast the time flies… Meeting back with my old best friends, digging up all the memories, really give us something to laugh and cry about.

We have never planned the meeting. But, as it is destined, everybody has given up their free after hours and spend half of night together.

Lots of stories have been untold that night. And I definitely had so much fun, listening to it.

We have never changed, with the loud laugh all over the place, ridiculous stories that keep longer and longer, doesn’t have the ending, and meet people’s eye whom might be annoying with our shriek voices.

But, who cares. We have never been so joy like tonight and nobody could stop us.

My Wonders


I’ve been wondering, everyday. What should I do next?

After I’ve graduated, I have worked at several places and I also own some small businesses.

However, I’m now feel that I’m losing the rythm. The tune has pitching problem, here and there. And I could not start the opening steps to dance.

I feel like flying, without any directions. What should I do next?

Should I write and send it to any publisher or editor, so that they can give critics to my writings?


I just do blogging, whenever I like, any topics that I can pick?

p/s: I do love writing, am I?

Hectic Wednesday



I am writing at my office. Of course, during lunchtime. It’s not good right, to take working time as your leisure time. You’ve being paid for your working hours, so I am grabbing my free time, to write.

At least, one interesting story.

Today, I met some of my colleagues back, after 4 days of holiday. Yesterday is Malaysia Day, where Malaysia is officially called ‘Malaysia’ 51 years ago.

I have some mixed feelings, even it’s holiday. This is because I have bad fever on the day before and I am just spending the holiday lying on the bed.

Back to the office, there are lots of work waiting, for me..

Urgh, my ideas had flown. Apologise.

My Ambitions



283750514_723_xlargeSince I was a child, I always love to be a doctor. Fixing the health of people and handle surgeries. But, after I have experience seeing bloods by myself, I have changed my mind.

I changed what I want to be to become an architect. Oh yes, I couldn’t find anything that I’m familiar other than this profession. I love arts during my secondary school (after I feel like vomiting staring my own blood). I love colours, painting and Vincent Van Gogh. I really love an abstract kinda art, which not all people can understand the exact meaning.

When I was 8, coming back from school at the evening, I will be looking for my drawing book and my water-colour set called ‘Buncho’ (anybody still remember this brand of colour?) Aside from my activity of playing bicycle with my neighbors, I always love to draw and paint some kind of abstract art. Oh, my mom knows that very well. She always nagged at me because I always make her spoon and plate as my art tools.

I have 3 siblings and I am the youngest. Among all my brother and sister, I am the one who love to be at home, doing what I love. Rather than the rest, whom have a lot of friends and spent so much time with their beloved best friends, i guess.

I at home, painting, colouring and last but not least, writing.

As the life goes by, parallel with time, I must choose what I am going to be. What is my study line? Apart from choosing architecture, I dunno why, I chose engineering. (to be honest, it’s all because of pride). I am proud of becoming engineer. Yeah…!! but..

I am against my will, I have no favourite subject, I have no natural capability. I am only depending on my struggling brains and courage that all people gave me.

To be honest, I miss the painting and colouring activity. I miss the moment of writing without purpose. I miss all that.

Rainy Sunday : My First Post


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2813614786_2d9f8ede51This is my first trial in writing an English blog. I am from Malaysia and I am Muslim. To me, it is important to tell people who are you and where are you from.

I am an engineer, who love writing, so much. But, (not making reasons), I often don’t have so much time to write.

So, on this rainy Sunday, I took the opportunity to write, anything, about everything that pop-out in my mind.

I have tried to write before this, in my native language. But, I don’t get much support. Not in terms of courage, (yes, they do give me a lot of courage), but I am kinda person whom always jump in and out while telling my story. Sometimes I am in Paris, but after that I am in India. Not all people will understand what I am trying to say.

I am a quiet kinda person. I rather write than talk. I have one small family, with a very understanding man who loves me. I always love to see places and people, but always intimidated with my own no-self-courage. Always feel afraid to try new things which I shouldn’t. And at the end of the road, I realized that I have done nothing. I am just dreaming all the way the journey.

So, now, I want to challenge myself, that I can do whatever I want, worrying nothing.