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It’s been a long time, I have never write anything in this blog. Yeah.

Today, such a long day for me. Done a lot of works, so many types of works. Very tiring and indeed, exhausted. But yet, satisfying.

I helped my husband doing our business errands, and had managed the customers requests. Oh so many, I would say. Then, back home, do some cooking and baking. Did spend some time with my husband watching TV and get inspired with some sad, cute, family movie.

After that, just try to get huddled, and have some sleep. But, I couldn’t sleep.

My mind kept thinking. Even now. I think I have insomnia. But, do I? Because this ‘un-sleep’ symptom, just lately had encountered me (or me myself had encountered it).

Actually, I have my online interview going on. And I do not have the feelings to go through it yet. (Always love to wait until the last minute, I guess). I have opened the website (through the link they gave me).

Oh yes. I don’t have the feeling yet. Definitely, I must have the mind, the feels and the spirit. The mood, one thing. It’s not that I do not want or feel like so complacent with what I have, but it is a commitment. Huge commitment. Big salary, comes with big responsibility, right?

I keep thinking about it. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t sleep until now. Sigh.