Today I woke up a bit early than usual. I found out my partner had woke up earlier than me, watching his favorite football match in TV. I managed to looked around the room and realized that it’s only 5:30 in the morning, with very dark sky outside. I felt like the clock has lied to me, as the day felt so fast to change, and I think it’s just midnight.

Diddling around on the bed, made my husband turned around from his TV and looked at me weirdly.
“What is wrong?” he said, and turned back to the TV.
I just smirking and sat lazy on the bed, staring at the back of him.

I am now thinking, what day is today. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Ergh..

“Dear, you better get up from the bed. You must go to work.”

Eh? Again, I looked at him, puzzled. Yeah, I must go to work.

“Yeah, now already 7 am. You took so long puzzling and look weird.” My husband said and grinned.

Oh, what an early start of a day.