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I’ve got no ideas of continuing the Muse in Disguise entry (part 2). Totally no idea. Picture of raining while holding hands at least give me ideas what to write today.

I’m now ended up writing about my life back again, in this sweet Saturday afternoon, listening to ‘Blue Eyes Blue’ by Eric Clapton. O so cliché, but still valid to me.

I’ve just spoken to my husband through the phone. We’ve discussing about things, especially about our business (My husband is away about two weeks for some business errands of course).

Currently, we’re together running a small business selling chicken, beef and fish floss. Our traditional unique signature dishes. Apart from us both as an engineer, we’re also love doing business together.

We think that business do make a lot of money and really help us in making our personal financial status even more better.

Yes, me also, thinking of writing to earn side income. But, I don’t have the guts to actually pursuing it further. I don’t know, whether I should write or not, seriously. Because I think, even writing a blog, I don’t have time and idea, what would happen if I have entered the serious writing field. Will I made it? Will I write something good?

Now, I feel good of selling floss dishes and still hoping God give me more ideas of selling what.

To tell you the fact, me and my husband selling the dishes through online. My food is the food that can stand long enough to go through the post office or courier services. Yes, fewer people do this kind of business (selling food online), but it truly efficient and most of our customers feel satisfied.

But, the problem now is doing the promotions, to make people want to buy from us. How? Long conversation with my husband just now, make us not miss discussing about it. I really need ideas or at least a way, to actually promote my business online.

Of course, in doing the business marketing or promotion, the business need the money or capital specifically for the promotion. How actually the promotion will reflect the selling at the end of the day? The question always make my mind starts to feel woozy. I always worried, What if the money that I’ve spent for promotion will just fly away, without the business making any profits from the selling?

Please. Help me, friends.