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My butterfly effect moment started when I was still studied, when I was in my 1st year degree. I came back home from my college, eager to inform my parents of my final exam result. My first year final exam result.

I was in the car, waited patiently for my late father, whom always walked slowly came back from his office. I was with my mom, fetching him up. My father was a professor, in the same university I have studied.

The first thing that came out from my mouth when he entered the car was ‘Dad, I already got my final exam result. I got 3.2 CGPA.’

My dad, half stunned, staring at me for a while before actually got in the passenger seat. He replied, plainly ‘Oh, you should work harder. That result stands for B.’

I felt like I was in a moon, floating and suddenly moon has gravity, I fall off and hit the moon surface badly. Ouch.

Start from the precious, quite badly moment, I started to realize, my dad’s level of impression was quite high and I must always work harder than any other kids to impress him. I put aside my bloody playful teenagers life and I get focused to my aim. Just to get a very A result, as referred to my dad’s.

I got less friends. Even less time to mingle around, watching movies and eating candies at the fun fair with my bffs. I have always walking fast and sometime running before the class started, just to get in the class before the professor started the session.

I always kept myself alone in my room, imagining myself holding the A result throne. I spend my free time (or during my study-is-boring time) reading my favourite books or magazines. I even recognized my ability to write during that moment.

Yes, after 4 years of striving, I got what I want. Even though, in the middle of the journey, dad has passed away, brought away half of my spirits. I got 3.615 CGPA, which I considered an A result, to my dad of course.

I received my scroll, with my mum. With that good results, I have decided to further my studies into master degree in the same field.

The feelings to always want to impress my dad always being kept in my heart, and it have pushed me forward to achieve, again, the A result for my master degree. And it has pushed me towards whatever I did. Starting with a result which not so impressing my dad much, I have struggled into who I am now and it is indeed one of the butterfly effects in my life.

If only my dad had said, ‘Wow, what a great result’ then, I don’t know what would I become now.