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2813614786_2d9f8ede51This is my first trial in writing an English blog. I am from Malaysia and I am Muslim. To me, it is important to tell people who are you and where are you from.

I am an engineer, who love writing, so much. But, (not making reasons), I often don’t have so much time to write.

So, on this rainy Sunday, I took the opportunity to write, anything, about everything that pop-out in my mind.

I have tried to write before this, in my native language. But, I don’t get much support. Not in terms of courage, (yes, they do give me a lot of courage), but I am kinda person whom always jump in and out while telling my story. Sometimes I am in Paris, but after that I am in India. Not all people will understand what I am trying to say.

I am a quiet kinda person. I rather write than talk. I have one small family, with a very understanding man who loves me. I always love to see places and people, but always intimidated with my own no-self-courage. Always feel afraid to try new things which I shouldn’t. And at the end of the road, I realized that I have done nothing. I am just dreaming all the way the journey.

So, now, I want to challenge myself, that I can do whatever I want, worrying nothing.