283750514_723_xlargeSince I was a child, I always love to be a doctor. Fixing the health of people and handle surgeries. But, after I have experience seeing bloods by myself, I have changed my mind.

I changed what I want to be to become an architect. Oh yes, I couldn’t find anything that I’m familiar other than this profession. I love arts during my secondary school (after I feel like vomiting staring my own blood). I love colours, painting and Vincent Van Gogh. I really love an abstract kinda art, which not all people can understand the exact meaning.

When I was 8, coming back from school at the evening, I will be looking for my drawing book and my water-colour set called ‘Buncho’ (anybody still remember this brand of colour?) Aside from my activity of playing bicycle with my neighbors, I always love to draw and paint some kind of abstract art. Oh, my mom knows that very well. She always nagged at me because I always make her spoon and plate as my art tools.

I have 3 siblings and I am the youngest. Among all my brother and sister, I am the one who love to be at home, doing what I love. Rather than the rest, whom have a lot of friends and spent so much time with their beloved best friends, i guess.

I at home, painting, colouring and last but not least, writing.

As the life goes by, parallel with time, I must choose what I am going to be. What is my study line? Apart from choosing architecture, I dunno why, I chose engineering. (to be honest, it’s all because of pride). I am proud of becoming engineer. Yeah…!! but..

I am against my will, I have no favourite subject, I have no natural capability. I am only depending on my struggling brains and courage that all people gave me.

To be honest, I miss the painting and colouring activity. I miss the moment of writing without purpose. I miss all that.